«Purchases for 100%»

3 декабря 2018

«Purchases for 100%»

Tools to reduce prices and to get the best conditions from complex suppliers.

Sergey Dubovik

«Purchases for 100%» Tools to reduce prices and to get the best conditions from complex suppliers. Sergey Dubovik

This book provides comprehensive answers to the most important questions which the managers and professionals who purchase products, materials, work and services face in their work.


Based on the analysis of the successes and mistakes of buyers of more than 350 companies, this book-workshop introduces the following:

  • techniques to improve the contract terms (prices, payment, conditions, level (quality) of service);
  • tactics to negotiate with difficult suppliers and monopolies;
  • ways to increase the reliability and to reduce supply costs;
  • tools to maintain the quality of purchased products and services.


Readers will undoubtedly appreciate the most «technological» content focused on the practical application of the proposed tools, a simple language, dozens of examples from the real practice of world businesses.


«Results-oriented» sections will allow to implement the tools immediately after reading.


The book is suitable for all managers and professionals who interact with suppliers in the areas of production, service, distribution, wholesale, retail and network retail, can be used both in strategic and in daily work with suppliers.


What opportunities does this book provide:

  • develops the ability to achieve tangible results in negotiations with complicated suppliers and monopolies;
  • develops the ability to influence suppliers to offer lower prices and better conditions — from making pressure to an open dialogue;
  • helps building your own complex of factors for selection, evaluation and comparison of suppliers;
  • gives the awareness of your own weak position in  cooperation with suppliers — detection of manipulative behavior, deception, deliberate non-negotiation;
  • the emergence of additional ways to improve the reliability of supplies and the reliability of suppliers;
  • develops the ability to work out price increases;
  • development of new tools and techniques to reduce procurement costs.


The following factors make this book unique:

  • contains powerful tools to influence suppliers, collected from the practice of more than 350 companies;
  • maximum «manufacturability» – each section offers a clear algorithm — what to do, what results will be achieved;
  • based on performance-proven examples and tools from manufacturing, distribution and retail companies: the word «for example» is used 259 times in the book;
  • clarity, simplicity and practicality of recommendations: clear, easy language, more than 60 schemes, intelligence maps and illustrations, as well as more than 40 tables;
  • shows a picture of procurement from the supplier’s point of view, reveals a lot of pitfalls that suppliers are trying to hide;
  • those who are looking for new tools for themselves and their company will be happy – they abound in the book.

«Purchases for 100%» Tools to reduce prices and to get the best conditions from complex suppliers. Sergey Dubovik

Author Sergey Dubovik, consultant for European and Russian companies on cost reduction in the field of procurement, optimization of business processes of planning, supply and inventory management, as well as supplier management.

Business coach, Director of the consulting center «More».


Part 1. The three Golden rules of the purchaser

  1. Never take the first offer.
  2. There is no limit to low prices
  3. Always improve conditions


Part 2. «Procurement stool». How to negotiate with difficult suppliers

  1. Six terms that every professional buyer buys
  2. What the buyer sells to a supplier
  3. How to sell yourself to a complicated supplier
  4. The scheme of the «4 areas of interest in negotiations»
  5. Is it possible to get better terms of delivery with a small volume of purchases? Why a large volume of purchases does not guarantee the most favorable conditions?


Part 3. 23 techniques and methods of influence on suppliers to obtain the best prices and conditions


Part 4. Ways of improving the conditions of supply and the factors of choosing a supplier

  1. Conditions of purchases
  2. Quality
  3. Product
  4. Product delivery
  5. Service
  6. Cost
  7. Reliability


Part 5. A technique of counteracting the increase in prices

  1. Increase of the price by the producer of production
  2. Price increase by importer
  3. The increase in the price of distributors
  4. Algorithm of actions in case of price increase by the supplier



Book «Purchases for 100%»: https://sdubovik.ru/kniga-zakupki-na-100/


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